A ministry of humming, strumming, clapping and tapping;
fostering community through congregational song.


Congregational singing is the life-blood of the church. In song, we enter into mutuality with one another, the mysterious unity of the one body made up of diverse parts. This act of praise and prayer can be playful, joyful, reverent and deeply cathartic – sometimes all at once.

Hilary Seraph Donaldson is a consultant, pastoral musician, choral conductor, and congregational song enlivener based in Toronto, Canada. Her eclectic background in theatre, music, seminary and academia give her a unique perspective on the fostering and nurturing of community through corporate worship. Her passion is enabling congregations to come into closer relationship with the Creator and with one another through vital, participatory, intergenerational congregational singing.

"Come, learn of me," the Servant says and multiplies a feast
of loaves and fish, of bread and wine, transforming every guest.
"Come," says the Host, "from west and east bring gifts to share – come, eat! –
none lost or wasted when God's feast of joy will be complete.
Hymn text: Andrew Donaldson (1951- ), used with permission.